“This is my son’s second family! He can’t stop talking about how caring his teachers are, and how fun learning is in the school. He has made tremendous progress in his numeracy & literacy as well. We love the school so much. We are going to enroll our second son there soon. Highly recommend it!”

Linh Vu Huang
May 2016

“I was struggling with my daughter when she was younger; as much as I tried she was so bored at home and was so ready to learn. After starting at Banksia when she was three she has blossomed into a lovely little girl who is so happy and confident. She gets the stimulation she needs at school which has had a positive effect on her behaviour at home. I love that she learns things when she is ready to learn them, in a relaxed and un-pressurised way. The teachers are wonderful and kind, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose this school for my daughter!”

Julie Townsend
July 2014

“H. has an impressive ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Her positive attitude towards learning is an admirable attribute to the classroom environment. She enjoys offering her views on subjects within the class and always has something valuable to contribute. H. is to be commended for her sound academic performance in mathematics and also composes interesting writing pieces. She draws on her knowledge of sounds when spelling unknown words.” – So from the Burgmans family: ‘Thank you Banksia!’

Burgmans family
June 2016