Anjum Iqbal Banksia Montessori School


Education Assistant

Anjum has been in the early childhood field for 8 years. She is a Diploma certified Early Childhood Educator.

Anjum has a passion for early childhood education, especially enriching young minds through independence, creativity, inquiry-based and hands-on learning. Anjum’s love for travelling, food, art, languages and nature is evident in the classroom.

“I believe that Banksia Montessori School provides a safe, nurturing and a holistic learning environment. Our classroom is an exciting place where a lot of learning happens and a strong foundation is built in the early years of childhood. The teacher to student ratio is excellent at Banksia. Each child is provided with personalised learning and children enjoy a lot of one-on-one time with the teachers. Children have a routine where they know what’s coming their way each day making them confident learners.”

Anjum began working at Banksia in the middle of 2015. Both of her children attended Banksia Montessori School.

Anjum Iqbal Banksia Montessori School