Characteristics Montessori Classroom Banksia Montessori School

Characteristics of a Montessori Classroom

Banksia Montessori School

Montessori classrooms are designed to meet the needs of the child at each stage of their development.  The curriculum is embedded into the environment, with specifically designed and sequenced hands-on materials.

The room itself is aesthetically pleasing, aimed at enticing the child into discovery and learning.  Guided by the educator, the child is encouraged to explore the materials within the environment.  The child is driven by their own curiosity and works at their own pace.

The different ages within a single classroom facilitates social interaction, with more knowledgeable children assisting their younger peers.  Children are inspired by observing and their desire for greater knowledge. With the variety of levels of learning in the classroom, children are non-competitive and encouraged to co-operate.  Children attend school for a three-year cycle.

The outstanding characteristics of a Montessori Classroom are:

  • Mixed Age Group
  • Carefully selected materials with built in controls of error
  • Facilitating adults
  • Freedom of movement
  • Choice of activities
  • Freedom from time constraints and work interference
Characteristics Montessori Classroom Banksia Montessori School