Banksia Montessori School Perth


Banksia Montessori School

Banksia Montessori School is a private, independent school operated by Banksia Montessori School Inc. (the “Association”) and registered with Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety.

The Association is not for profit and is incorporated in Western Australia.

The Objectives of the Association are:

  1. To establish and manage a School in the Perth Metropolitan Area in the State of Western Australia to be known as Banksia Montessori School, including the provision of any programs that align with the Montessori philosophy, to be run at the School’s premise.
  2. To promote the education of young people in accordance with the educational methods created by Dr Maria Montessori which aim at developing the self-reliance, independent learning and the personality of young people.
  3. To observe the objects of the Association Montessori Internationale which include the propagation, maintenance and furthering the rights of young people in society and spreading knowledge concerning the physical, intellectual, moral and social development of young people, at home as well as in School and society.
  4. To foster in the community interest in and understanding of Montessori principles and practice.

The membership of the Association shall consist of the following:

  1. All parents or legal guardians of each child enrolled in the School qualify for membership of the association by default. It is a condition of enrolment of each child that at least one such parent or guardian consents to membership and to his or her name being entered into the register of Members. Such membership shall be deemed to commence upon the first day of enrolment accepted by the School and shall cease upon the termination of the enrolment.
  2. All members of the administrative and teaching staff (including teaching assistants) are also members of the School. Such membership shall be deemed to commence upon the first day of employment and cease when the employment ceases.
  3. Such other persons (non-parent members) who apply to become members of the Association and are approved by the Council. Membership of each non-parent member shall expire at the end of the period determined by the Council when granting such membership.
  4. A person who wishes to become a non-parent member shall apply for membership to the Council in writing in such form that the Council from time to time directs. Alternatively, persons who have displayed significant interest in, or given notable assistance to the School may be invited to become community members of the Association by resolution of the Council.

Banksia as an Independent School has legal status in its own right.  Banksia is separately constituted under its own Rules of Association.  Banksia is operated by its constituted association and as such, determines the strategic directions of the school whilst meeting all legislative requirements.

Banksia is registered separately by the Minister of Education and its constitution outlines the structure, roles and responsibilities of the governing body the School Council.

The School Council is made up of members of the Association (with the possibility of membership of an additional two external School community members) and meets regularly throughout the school year.  Positions on the Council are voluntary and form an integral part of the governance of the School.

The School Council is responsible for the strategic planning for the School, the selection and support of the principal and the financial viability of the School.  The Council is responsible for the welfare of students and the school and ensuring the School meets the standards required by the Education Act.

Banksia Montessori School Perth