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Our History

Banksia Montessori School


Banksia Montessori School was established in 1982.

Previously housed in a hall on Wordsworth Avenue in Yokine, it held both morning and afternoon sessions.


School moved to Chatton Street

In 1996, the School moved to Chatton Street, its current location.

The school was heavily reliant on the parent community to keep the school functioning. Along with fundraising and busy bees, the parents were also involved in enrolments, bookkeeping, correspondence and employment of staff.

As the demand for Montessori Education grew, so did the number of students enrolling at Banksia, which in turn reflected the workload placed on parents. The urgency for a professionally run school became apparent and the School Council set the wheels in motion to move toward improved management of the school. An Administration Officer and a Finance Officer were hired to take on the many tasks parents had previously volunteered to do.

2016 - 2018

Changes were made to the school grounds

A stage decking was built for end-of-year concerts, a colourful aboriginal art mural was painted on the wall beside the sandpit (which included handprints of the students), new paving was laid and a nature playground was built. The addition of a new building meant a separate office and extra classroom was provided.


Change of Principal

The long-time Principal, Emelinda Stephen, stepped down in her role and reduced her hours to teaching only one day per week until she chose to retire. She had been with the school since 1994. Fleur van Butzelaar stepped into the role as Principal and Head Teacher, joining the school in the same year.

History Banksia Montessori School
Banksia Montessori School Perth