Parent Information Sessions

Banksia Montessori School

Parent Information Evenings

Parent Information Evenings are designed to encourage parental involvement in their child’s learning. Via these evenings, parents gain a deeper understanding of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, child development and well-being and how these relate to their child’s learning and progress at Banksia.

Parent Information Evenings are open to all members of the public. They are advertised on the school’s Facebook page and parents are welcome to bring along guests. These sessions run for approximately one (1) hour and their dates are included on the school’s annual calendar.

There are four (4) Parent Information Evenings a year, that is one (1) per term. Parents are encouraged to share topics they are interested to hear more about, at the Parent Term Meetings. These meetings are held at the beginning of each new term.

Information about upcoming Parent Information Evenings is posted on the school’s noticeboard and parents can indicate if they will be attending the evening, by completing the Expected Attendance sheet.