Sustainability at Banksia

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Banksia Montessori School is involved in a number of initiatives to aid in sustainability.

Some of the programs we are are a part of are:

Battery recycling – Bring your used batteries into administration for later disposal at an appropriate drop point location.

Stationery box – Used pens, markers, highlighters and correction tape can be given to teaching staff to add to the collection box in the Principal’s office.

Containers for Change – Bring your used plastic and glass bottles to our school and add them to the blue-lidded bin. Not only are you assisting in recycling, you are contributing towards Banksia fundraising (please see stickers on bin for eligible containers).

Worm Farm – Food scraps within the classroom are put into the worm farm. The worm tea is then used to fertilise the school’s vegetable garden.

Recycling – Within the classroom students are encouraged to place recyclable items into a small collection bin. Once full, selected students transfer these items to the large yellow-lidded bin outside.