Banksia Montessori School Perth



Arianna was born and raised in Italy before moving to Australia in 2014.

Her Education includes a Bachelor of Science and Technology in the Maintenance and Restoration of Asset of Cultural Heritage, Graduate Diploma of Education and a Diploma of Early Childhood and Primary Education with a focus on the 3-6 years age group for Montessori Curriculum.

Arianna’s Montessori journey started in 2017 when, while working in a childcare setting, she was looking for a philosophy that resonated with her beliefs.  Montessori helped her to understand herself and the children and it became an important part of her life.

“I have a genuine passion for the Early Years of Education and Children's development as well as art and history. I believe that the early years are so important for a human being's formation as these years are where intelligence and personality is formed. Children are of great value to our society and the early years are essential for their growth. I see children as capable and valuable. I enjoy observing their learning journey when their personality, confidence, self- esteem and attitude towards the environment and life grows.”

As a teacher, Arianna wishes to walk alongside the children while they are exploring this incredible and resourceful world with their powerful absorbent mind.

“I want to support them in their journey, help them to discover themselves and to become the best human being they can be.”

Banksia Montessori School Perth